Special fundraise MW Rotary donations for Daly and Naman


Daly Naman

PLEASE HELP Support a Mother and Child in Need

Rotary International is a service organization dedicated to promoting peace, health and well-being of men, women and children both domestically and throughout the world. Locally, our Monroe-Woodbury Rotary Club tries to do our part locally and around the world.

We are now sponsoring a fundraiser to help a family in Monroe. Daly Halder and her son Naman Roy have come to our town seeking asylum, having fled Bangladesh following serious threats against their lives. Daly, who has earned an MBA, worked in Bangladesh as a Social Compliance Auditor. That job, checking on safe working conditions in local factories, has made her, and her son, targets of extremists.

Ms. Halder’s asylum application has strong merit and we are advised that it is likely to be approved. However, it will take until February, or perhaps later, for it to be granted. Meanwhile, she cannot receive a work permit or buy health insurance. Our Rotarians have arranged adequate, temporary housing and Naman is a student at North Main Elementary.

But now we must ask for the GENEROSITY OF OUR COMMUNITY to help Daly until she is allowed to be self-supporting again. Here is the link to our crowd-funding site, where 100% of donations will go to Ms. Halder and her son:

Tax deductable, 100% of all donations go to support Daly and Naman.

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